Is Your Business Still Living Under a Rock When It Comes to Social Media?

June 14, 2016

Ok Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner…you need to be on social media sites to grow your business successfully…I repeat…you need to be on social media sites to GROW your business successfully! Sorry to get all in your face about this but I must drill the importance of your business having a social media presence by now.

Nowadays, you simply cannot escape from social media and its actually do or die for some businesses if they aren’t on at least the top social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin.  In this post, I am going to cover why you should be using social media for your business, the top four social sites to start with and tips to build your social media presence in each.

Why use social media for marketing your business?

The answer to this isn’t farfetched. Everyone is on social media platforms -from your great great grandmother to your favorite celebrity to your pet iguana. Social media provides an affordable means of spreading the word about your company’s goods and services. With the ability to upload and update captivating photos, videos and adverts, you can easily draw thousands and even millions of customers to your business.

Another reason to use social media for business growth is that your competition is on social media. Potential customers are turned off if your business can’t be found on different social media platforms.

It makes your business seem less enlightened than your competition. Worse still, it can make you look like you and your company have been under a rock for centuries. Very few people in this day and age will be moved to do business with a company if they simply aren’t on social media where they can find or share information about them.

The most frequently used social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.  Let me briefly go over each of the platform along with some tips to get started using each of them.


For my business owners who have been living under a rock, Facebook has been around since 2004 and currently has over 1.65 billion monthly active users (Source: Facebook, April 2016).   Ok…did you read that number?  Billions!  This should clearly tell you that Facebook is too BIG to ignore Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner.

Here’s how to get started on Facebook for business growth:

– Create an interesting business page which includes your business information and captivating photos. Invite all (potential) customers to join via email, text or in-person.

– At least once a week, update your business page with information and recent happenings in your business field.  Post photos and videos often. They have proven to be super effective and can sometimes go viral if it is really unique and interesting.

– Be friendly and engaging by responding to the comments by readers always.


LinkedIn is a social business platform that can help you search for great employees to networking for future customers or partners.  It currently has over 443 million users and growing daily.

Using LinkedIn for business growth involves:

–  Making your personal and business profile as detailed as it can be with professional photos and business information.

– Include links to your website or social media pages

– Write articles about your niche or industry and post on your profile

– Join different networking groups in your field or industry and be engaging and helpful.  Do not join groups to be spammy or salesy.


When it comes to the largest video sharing website, YouTube is the heavy weight champion of world with over a billion users.  It reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 years old than any other cable network in the U.S.  About 80% of Youtube’s views are from outside of the U.S. (Source: Youtube, 2016)

Sharing of videos is an effective way of marketing your goods and services. As your customers see and connect with you, they also get drawn to your goods and services.

To use it to your own advantage for your business try to do the following:

– Regularly upload several short videos about your business. Videos can be about topics like “when you started”, “why you’re better than your competition”, “product reviews”, etc.

– Upload several short videos of customer testimonials about your business, products or services.  Before and after photos in videos are very effective if it calls for such.

– Respond to comments from customers or prospects in a friendly manner.


Talk about word spreading at lightning speed- Twitter does it best. It has over 310 million monthly active users with 83% of active users on mobile. Think about the endless possibilities- your business could be that ”word”. With Twitter you also get to hear what people are saying about your products or services.

Tips for using Twitter when getting started:

– Be active and tweet regularly (3 to 4 times a day, a few days a week).

– Share value-adding information like tips and tools your customers can use daily.

– Add captivating photos at least three times a week.

– Retweet other people’s posts to reciprocate and get followers

It really is the simplest things that produce the greatest results. Using social media is easy to use and costs nothing. Stop living under a rock or refusing to use social media for your business. Start using it today…the growth of your business is just a tweet away!

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