1. What is a virtual assistant?

A Virtual Assistant, also known as a VA, is a skilled professional who assists other professionals from a remote location. VAs are independent contractors, NOT employees. They can be contracted for small, one-time only projects, or large projects that span several months. VAs save their clients time and money by providing their own equipment, training, and office space.

2. How will a virtual assistant benefit me and my organization?

Contract a VA and you’ll have more time to develop your organization, spend with your family, or to just relax.  Our virtual assistant services help you reclaim the time you lose each day on administrative tasks.  You free up your valuable time to focus on more important things – like running your business!

When you contact a virtual assistant, you’ll save money.  Virtual assistance saves you money because VAs work only when you need them. You pay only for what you need done and only when you need it done.  You do not pay for benefits, holiday time, overtime or sick days.  They supply their own office, equipment, software and expertise.

Read our Virtual Assistant Cost Comparison to learn how contracting a virtual assistant can save you or your organizations thousands of dollars annually.

You can develop your organization while we take care of your administrative tasks.

3. Who uses virtual assistants?

All kinds of busy people use virtual assistants.  Small and medium businesses, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, teachers, traveling business people, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and busy individuals use virtual assistants to get more time out of their days.

4. How do I know a VA will do a good job of my projects?

When you hire a virtual assistant, our job is to make your day better.  Your satisfaction is key to the success our business, so you can expect solid and reliable performance on a continuing basis.  You can trust a virtual assistant will take care of your business needs as if they were our own because our business is helping YOUR business succeed.

5. How will my virtual assistant communicate with me?

Communication is vital to developing and maintaining an effective relationship with your virtual assistant.  We communicate via telephone, fax, or email.  All of your communication with us will be answered within one business day.   If everything is going well, communicating once a week is usually sufficient.

You may also communicate with your Virtual Assistant via:
– instant messenger programs
– text messaging
– conference calls and webcams
– online chat rooms
– virtual help and remote assist programs

6. Can I afford a virtual assistant?

Visit our Packages & Rates page to find out how affordable and flexible we really are.

The real question is, can you afford not to have a virtual assistant?  Time is a valuable commodity, and in short supply.   When you hire a VA to handle time-consuming tasks, you’re literally buying back your own time.  Think of what you could accomplish if you had just a few more hours in your day!

7. How do I pay my virtual assistant?

We accept PayPal, money orders and certified cheques as payment.

For each project you contract us for, a 50% deposit is required before the project begins.  The remainder comes due when the project is completed.

If you are interested in our monthly retainers, the full monthly payment is due at the beginning of each month.  Visit our Packages & Rates page to find out more.

8. What does contracting a virtual assistant commit me to?

You are committed only to the project or time period for which you contract our services.

Your virtual assistant’s potential is best realized in an ongoing business relationship.  However, we also understand that your organization’s needs will change and develop over time.  You may need us one month and not another, or you may require our help for one project and never need our services again.

We are flexible and can easily accommodate your changing needs.

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