Top Ten Reasons to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

Top Ten Reasons to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

November 15, 2010

If you aren’t aware by now, Facebook dominates over all other social networks  online.  More and more businesses are realizing the potential of Facebook and creating a Facebook page (formerly called ‘Fan Pages’) for their business.

Small businesses with little to no marketing budget should consider Facebook pages as one of their marketing strategies as it is a free way to generate buzz around its products or services.  If you still don’t have a Facebook Page for your business, or are not sure how to approach yours,  here are the top ten reasons to create a Facebook Page:

1.  More visibility.  Your business will get so much exposure being on Facebook as millions of people log onto to the network everyday.  This means that you can share information about your company’s products and services and reach more people.

2. Subscription to Your Page is Automatic.   As soon as someone comes to your page and clicks on the  ‘Like’ button they are automatically subscribed to your page.  No confirmation email or extra steps to join your page.

3. Build a List. Once someone joins your page, you can lead them to an optin-form by providing a special offer or bonus on your page.  Facebook has several plugins that allow you to place HTML code to your page making it a breeze to add a an optin-form and therefore building your list.

4. More Traffic to Your Site or Blog. You can run your blog feed through your Facebook page driving more traffic to your site or blog.

5. Easily Connect with Your Target Market. People that join your page are most likely interested in your product or service making your list more targeted.  Plus, unlike a personal profile you can have unlimited people joining your page.

6. Create Administrators to Your Page. You can add administrators to your page to help assist in maintaining it with content and replying to comments.

7. Check Statistics. You can track the activity on your page like number of people who joined, which countries are they from, how many views,  how many post  feedbacks, etc.  This is great information to have on hand so you can always tweak your marketing messages if necessary based on the information you see.

8. It can be Viral. If your page is set up effectively, people that like your page very much can suggest it to friends causing a viral effect as other friends will see your page and most  likely join and suggest it, too.

9. It’s user friendly to maintain a Facebook page.  You can add photos, videos and links as you would on a personal account.

10. Again, it’s FREE...why not take advantage of adding your company to a site that gets millions upon millions of visits per day without money out of your pocket.  It’s a no brainer.

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