The Power of Article Marketing is Through Your Author’s Resource Box

The Power of Article Marketing is Through Your Author’s Resource Box

July 22, 2010

If you are using article marketing as one of your traffic building strategies, then there’s one important element you need to understand and master.

Your author’s resource box is the ONLY element of your article that allows for promotion, so it’s vital that you create a compelling resource box that invokes a call to action and entices every reader to follow through by clicking on your links.

With sites like Ezine Articles, you are able to create multiple resource boxes, choosing one that compliments each article that you write. You can also create multiple author’s accounts so that you can cover a large number of topics, all within one account.

Use your resource boxes wisely, and make sure that you offer your reader with an incentive to click through.

One way of doing this is by offering a free giveaway in your author’s resource box that is relevant to the topic or market that your article is focused on.

If you are not sure what you can offer within your resource box, here are a few things I have used successfully for over a year now:

  • Free Report
  • Newsletter or Ezine subscription
  • Free ebook
  • Free sample of a paid product
  • Free Trial Membership

When creating your author’s resource box, make sure to use anchor text whenever possible. This will help you rank for specific keyword phrases within the search engines.

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  1. Hi I am learning this internet marketing out here from scratch it is getting a bit overwhelming. I intend on setting my own website but until then how to I run what I am learning on say Twitter without a website up to now?

  2. It is kind of difficult to promote yourself without a website of some sort. I guess it depends on your goals. What do you hope to gain on Twitter without a website? At minimum, I would at least drive traffic back to Facebook profile or fan page and gain followers there. At least you could measure your results from Twitter this way.

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