Social Media Marketing: Why Is It So Effective?

Social Media Marketing: Why Is It So Effective?

February 26, 2010

You may be amazed at the rise of web2.0 (otherwise known as social networking) sites over the past few years, wondering how in the world did such casual sites which operate like de-stressing tools become such big business?

Well, the key element to doing business in today’s modern world is strategic networking. One of the fastest and most interactive methods is social marketing advertising.

In fact, a whole lot of companies create their own customized profiles on social media sites, and then add prospects and business contacts as friends. The key to social marketing networking is simply making friends and connecting with a targeted demographic audience.

No matter what your target demographic is, you’ll find various kinds of people from all backgrounds and cultures who eagerly log on to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Squidoo regularly.

Many online businesses, some of which could be your rivals, are already taking advantage of social marketing advertising. You need to jump on the bandwagon as well to leverage on this amazing wave of social marketing.

Creating a profile or channel can be done in a matter of seconds. However, you will have to maintain your own page regularly. Try logging in on alternate days to add new friends, respond to requests, share comments, answer questions etc.

Remember, you have to be patient yet interactive so as to win the trust of others.

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  1. Facebook ads is something I want to start exploring – I have read reports that they can be very cost effective – will be giving it a try this week.

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