Social Media Marketing: A Powerful Key To Getting Followers Online

Social Media Marketing: A Powerful Key To Getting Followers Online

March 4, 2010

gro_16We have talk about and discussed many ways to harness the potential power of social network sites for building credibility and driving hungry buyer traffic to your sites.

Today you’re going to discover and important component that you need way before you even embark on your social network journey.

In fact, this trait can be found in the world’s top sales people, as well as movers and shakers in the industry.

And this mysterious action is…listening.

Now don’t laugh. How many times have you bought something from a salesman because he listened to your needs, knew when to give you great advice and made you feel like he was a long time friend?

We naturally like people who are willing to listen to our problems, needs and desires rather than those who blabber on and on about what they have to offer.

It works the same way in social marketing. Because humans are social creatures, they tend to flock to people who can understand and empathise with them rather than someone who tells them what to do.

And when you simply ask a question or two then sit back, You’d be surprised at how much valuable information you are able to glean straightaway. And your competitors will be wondering how in the world did you think of that money making idea. This is the mother of all marketing research methods, so practice it often and you’ll see significant results in your marketing campaigns!

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