Social Marketing Quick Tip #7 – Create Contests

Social Marketing Quick Tip #7 – Create Contests

October 19, 2010

social media quick tipContests on FaceBook are a fantastic way to get a lot of people to join your fan page! People really enjoy entering contests, especially if they are easy to enter and have great prizes. You can even specifically state that the prize will be awarded when you hit a certain number of followers. This way you can get people to post the contest to their wall in order to get more entries, which will help the contest go viral.

That way you don’t have to award the prize unless you reach your target number of followers. Just be sure to keep the target number realistic, otherwise people won’t enter because they will feel the contest is a scam.

Another great way to use contests for marketing is to actually give away one of the products that you are selling.  If you have your own product, this is even more effective. Your entire contest can revolve around giving away a copy of your product, which will bring a lot of publicity and recognition to your product.

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