Quick Tip#17 From Your Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant (Yahoo Answers)

Quick Tip#17 From Your Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant (Yahoo Answers)

September 28, 2009

5538812_yahoo_answersYahoo Answers is an online community where people ask all sorts of questions on different topics looking for answers to them. You as a community member can gain points for having the best answer to the question. You’ll be surprised at the many questions left unanswered in many categories. You can become an “expert” within many fields by answering questions, and having relevant links point back to your site. It’s a quick way to build back links and have targeted users viewing your profile which will have your contact information and website link.

Be sure to never spam. It’s important to be friendly with your answers, and provide good relevant information. The goal here is to have the user trust you enough to learn more about you.

To get started simply browse the categories or you can search for questions by keywords. For example you can do a search for “making money” and it will list questions people have asked about “making money”.

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