Project Based Contracts: Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Short Term Work

Project Based Contracts: Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Short Term Work

December 21, 2009

p_043There are two major ways that you can work with a virtual assistant.  The first of these is with management projects, which are done over a long period of time.  The second of these is based off of short term work, where you simply hire a virtual assistant for a shorter term project that you will need.  Depending on the state of your business, you can determine the time allotment for your virtual assistant.

There are two types of ways that you can approach short term work with a virtual assistant.  Both of these will make a difference in the type of contract that you decide to sign with the assistant, as well as the types of projects you will have your virtual assistant for.  Of course, even if you are only hiring a virtual assistant for a short period of time, you can always use the assistant in the future, as they will be familiar with the company and its needs.

The first type of short term work that you can hire a virtual assistant for is with maintenance that will only need to be updated a few times a year.  For example, if you have specific book keeping that you will need to have maintained once every quarter, a virtual assistant can work on this and consider it a short term project.  Most likely, this will be considered a per-project agreement between you and the assistant.

The second type of short term work will be for when you need extra help for a specific time of year.  Often times, virtual assistants will be hired for an event that is taking place or for an extra busy time of the year.  This will allow the extra customer service and maintenance that is needed to be taken care of.  There is also the possibility to hire a virtual assistant to do a short term project, such as build a website without the maintenance.  This will allow you to find the best solutions for the extra push your business may need.

No matter what type of extra help you need, you can find a virtual assistant who can catch onto the vision and help you to reach your goal.  No matter what the time frame is, you can easily find a virtual assistant who has the ability to do what is needed for your company.

4 Replies to “Project Based Contracts: Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Short Term Work”

  1. Thanks for the tips. Seeing the length of the virtual assistant’s term in working for you should really be put in consideration so you can also see how much your budget can handle.

  2. Marketing projects are best to start with since those will immediately show results and if the results are compensating for the effort costing to us, then we wont feel it as a burden. It will help us also to set the expectation and standards right for them. Also, it forces them to understand our business and act like us. Then, even if we give them admin projects, it will add more value to us. Also in marketing projects, it might help giving initially contact databases and then perhaps blogs or articles marketing and slowly move from there. I keep tracking all VA forums and this week, i found a list of all admin tasks that can be outsourced at I was surprised to see that there are so many tasks. I feel that i have reached a stage in my working with VA’s where i can give them more work. I will be happy to help anyone else who is starting to work with VA’s with advice or suggestions. Feel free to write to me. I seem to have lots of time now that 80% of my work is being done by my VA’s and i handle only Strategy and Client interactions, loss of face in front of my client. So finding the right VA is important and preparing well ahead on what to ask, expectations, clearly defined work in templates is equally important for this to succeed.

  3. This is a nice overview of aiming long or short term goals with VA. I clearly understand this, but may i say though that regardless of you goal we are here to help you. Janet noted about budget which i think everyone concern is something that can be worked into. Why do i say this? Because their goal becomes ours!!

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