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Overcoming Online Marketing Distress: 3 Actionable Tips On Avoiding Online Marketing Overwhelm

overwhelmed with online marketingA recent poll found many companies seeking to promote their businesses online have expressed a feeling of being overwhelmed and untrusting of their company’s success.  Some studies have shown that about 40% of business owners have very little confidence in their online marketing promotions and almost 50% of them feel overwhelmed with all that is required to market online.

How can businesses avoid this feeling of overwhelmed? By learning 3 vital tips, you can improve your business in the long run and gain a significant upper hand against your closest competitors.

1. Stop, Breathe and Relax from the Overwhelm

As a business owner, you may have alot going on with the day to day of running your business, such as dealing with customers, paying your employees, overhead and handling various other expenses. Therefore, online marketing is only one more expense and when it consumes all your time and effort, the feeling of overwhelm can become greater. With this in mind, the most important thing to do is to stop, relax, let the initial shock of the stress fade, get organized and get all your facts straight. Next, gradually  start redefining your online marketing goals and focus on specific, targeted tools to make progress.

2. Take Baby Steps

We live in an instant gratification society. No one likes to take things slowly in a fast paced market, but the fact is you can waste alot more money rushing into things. It may be tempting to go out there and perform several different internet marketing strategies all at once. But this is truly a recipe for disaster; especially if you are doing it all on your own. Instead, start with small baby steps – tackling each problem in part – such as promoting your website on local listing sites.  Then slowly move to other methods, such as social media to try and gain an online following.

3. Be Focused and Consistent

When it comes to online marketing, taking small steps will help you make great strides, but only if you stay focused.  Don’t give up if your first two weeks of efforts don’t show profits immediately.  Great internet marketing takes time, so you will likely need allow 30 days of consistent effort before business starts to picking up as a result.

Generating business from consumers or prospects can be a huge challenge in today’s competitive markets. However, when done right, internet marketing can exponentially improve your efforts, send more customers through your doors and gradually improve your profit margins.

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