It’s Time To Go Mobile!

It’s Time To Go Mobile!

May 28, 2013

mobile marketing for local businessIn the technological driven world we live in, your website has to be mobile-friendly. Today, statics have shown that more people will check for local businesses on their mobile devices than ever before. So this means that your website has to work with all mobile devices if you don’t want to miss out on the massive mobile audience.  

You have two choices when it comes to ensuring that your website works on mobile devices.

  1. One is to stay away from Flash and an overabundance of large graphics when designing your site. It is very important to note that any website designed with Flash, will not work on any Apple products. This means that users who are using an iPhone or iPad will not be able to see your website from their mobile devices. Of course, you can understand what a huge mistake that could be.

Talk to your web designer and let them know that you want your business website to be as mobile-friendly as possible. If you choose this route, your mobile site will look identical to your static site but may be slow to load and require a lot of scrolling by mobile users. This is due to the small size of mobile devices in comparison to a computer screen.

  1. The second, and more logical option, is to have a mobile version of your site designed. These are generally very similar to your static site but often include fewer options. For example, if you are a retail shop the mobile version may show current sales that are going on as well as the address and phone number of your location. It may not show the entire catalog on the mobile version but there is generally the option to view the full site as well.

Having a mobile version of your website ensures that no matter when or where someone decides to visit your website, they will be able to find it and view it on their mobile device without a lot of hassle. There is no question about it; every business needs to keep “mobile-friendly” in mind when it comes to their website.