Is Your Website Creating a Direct Connection with Your Local Consumers?

Is Your Website Creating a Direct Connection with Your Local Consumers?

June 12, 2013
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Website Design for Local Business

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that a small business needs a website is the simple fact that a local consumer can directly connect with the business. Through blogs, comments and of course social media, local consumers begin to feel a direct connection with small business.

When a consumer feels a direct connection with a business, the chances are great that they will be a loyal customer for life. Let’s look at how a website can connect you in a personal and intimate way with your consumers.

One of the best ways that a website allows for a new level of connection with their customers is through commenting or emailing on a website. Today, it is much more common to receive an email or a comment on a website than it is to receive a phone call about said products. Some people like to shop for new products after normal business hours while others are just more comfortable leaving an email or a comment.

When you as the business owner respond directly to the consumer, they feel as if someone is listening and there questions and comments are not being ignored. This is what can set a small business apart from the larger companies. Consumers love great customer service and love to be recognized. It is their money that they are spending at your business, so why not connect with them on a more personal level?

Provide them with outstanding customer service and reply to their comments or emails promptly and watch the level of loyalty rise.

Blogs have become much more common for business of all sizes. A blog is a great way to keep your local consumers informed about what is going on with your business as well as provide them with informative information. If you blog about current events, or sales that may be going on with your business you will surely stay ahead of your competition. Blogs also help with search engine rankings and the more often you blog, the higher you will stay on Google and other search engines.

Social media is perhaps the best way to stay connected with your consumers; mainly because all social media sites can tie directly in to your website. Social media has become the number one way for small business to advertise and market their brands. But without a website, social media is not really doing its job.

Getting the word about your business can be done via the various social media platforms but they never take the place of a traditional website. There is no question about it, social media is huge for businesses of all sizes but after captivating your consumer socially, they still need a place to go to learn more information about your company.

Social media is all about interacting and providing useful information to your audience. Once you have done so, they will want to learn more about your business and this can be done on your website. Social media and a professional website go hand in hand; without one, the other will not work as well as it should. Remember, social media – when used properly – is a great form of advertising but it is not the only sales tool you should use. Your website, however, is one of the most powerful sales tools there is.

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