How to Make Your Facebook Timeline Posts Stand Out

How to Make Your Facebook Timeline Posts Stand Out

May 1, 2012

It seems that the new Facebook format, Timeline, really has people in arms.  But don’t people always complain any time Facebook makes format changes?  The truth is, Facebook Timeline has some great new features that truly broaden the Facebook user experience . . . and Timeline is not going anywhere.  As of today, Facebook users will have no choice but to learn and adapt to Timeline since most all profiles have been converted.  One great thing you can do with your Timeline is to make your most important posts (of your choosing, of course) stand out amongst the rest of your posts.  How do you accomplish this?  Read on for step by step instructions:

Timeline Highlight.  The new feature that allows you showcase any and every post you want to call special attention to is called “Highlight.”  Highlight is super easy to access and use, as you will see in this breakdown.  (Side note: the Highlight feature applies to Facebook fan pages only.  The same feature is actually called “Feature” on standard profile pages.  However, both Highlight and Feature work the same way.)

How does Timeline “highlight” your posts?  Basically, when you choose a post to highlight, that post is expanded to the full width of your screen (or the full width of the Timeline, that is).

Where is the Highlight feature?  This is easy.  Simply hover your mouse around the upper right hand corner of your post and two buttons will appear: a star and a pencil.  The star is your Highlight button.

The highlighting process.  Click on the star.  Yes, that’s it.  If you make a mistake and highlight the wrong post, or if you have a change of heart and decide that a post you highlighted is unworthy, simply click the Highlight star again to remove the highlighting.

What can you highlight?  Anything you post on Facebook may be highlighted.  This means status updates, photos, videos, Timeline events, and much more.  As a matter of fact, you may use Highlight to customize the look of your page in any way you like; for example, you may opt to highlight every one of your posts if you prefer that your page fans have a large, simplified view of everything you post.

Facebook’s new Highlight feature can be a powerful marketing tool, if you know how to use it.  To make the most of your social media marketing, contact the professionals.  We at LS Virtual Assistant Services can help take your Internet presence to the next level.  Contact us by phone, at 757-204-5782, or use our contact form here.



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