Facbook Advertising for Local Business: 5 Benefits You Can Receive From It

Facbook Advertising for Local Business: 5 Benefits You Can Receive From It

November 3, 2012
Facebook Advertising Local Business
Facebook Advertising Local Business

You’ve probably read this a million times, but one of the best things you can do to boost your business’ online performance is to participate in the world of social media.  And what HOT social media platform do you know that can help you with that?  Facebook of course! =)

Facebook is your best avenue to start on this journey of advertising.  It offers a lot of features that are especially helpful for local business owners like yourself.  If you aren’t making use of Facebook advertising and timeline pages (aka fan pages), then you should be, no matter how small or localized your business is.

Here are five benefits for local business from Facebook advertising:

1) Highly targeted marketing – Facebook Advertising Local Business

One of the best things about Facebook ads is that you can specify exactly who you want to view your ads, based on things like age, interests, and geographic location.  For example, if you run a mobile salon business, you may opt to target your ads to women in your area who have expressed an interest in beauty, hair care, fashion, and salons.

2) The Snowball Effect – Facebook Advertising Local Business

Basically, any time someone clicks on your ad and lands on your page, they have the option of “liking” your page if they are pleased with what they find.  Any time someone likes your page, that activity shows up in that person’s newsfeed.  This means that all of that person’s friends are exposed to your page and have the option of liking it themselves.  Facebook ads are a great way to attract attention to your page and gain fans on an exponential level.

3) Broader Reach – Facebook Advertising Local Business

The numbers don’t lie: Facebook is the world’s highest ranking website, and is viewed on a global scale.  You may have a small local business, but there is no question that if you sell a product, your business could benefit greatly from having a broader reach.

4) Smart Phone Users – Facebook Advertising Local Business

Most people these days access the web from their smart phones on a regular basis.  By using Facebook advertising, you are making your presence known to local smart phone users who only search for businesses while on the go.

5) Customization – Facebook Advertising Local Business

In addition to the previously mentioned targeting, Facebook ads also allow for a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing ads to your liking, especially when compared to Google ads (a very common advertising platform that you are likely already using).  For example, the ability to have longer descriptive text and the ability to add images allows you create ads that best suit your needs and marketing goals.

To make the most of your social media marketing, contact the professionals.  We at LS Virtual Assistant Services can help take your Internet presence to the next level.  Contact us by phone, at 757-204-5782, or contact here.

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