Different Ways of Establishing Quality Back Links

Different Ways of Establishing Quality Back Links

July 27, 2010

Off site SEO refers to search engine optimization techniques that are not performed on your website itself, but are influenced by external factors.

When it comes to off-site SEO, it’s all about generating solid back links to your website from relevant authority websites.

There are many different ways of establishing quality back links to your website, including:

Link Exchanges
Blog Commenting

Forum Marketing
Directory Listings
Social Bookmarking

Place emphasis on the quality of your incoming backlinks rather than the quantity of backlinks you have. While the more backlinks in circulation, the better, if you have more backlinks coming in from solid, established and authority websites, they WILL carry more weight than those pointing to your site from start-up websites and blogs.

You also want to try to create a backlink campaign that has ONE WAY backlinks, where you are not required to provide a reciprocal link, as it will add more value to the backlinks pointing to your site.

One easy way of creating a back link strategy is by analyzing existing competition in your market, and determining who is linking to them, and what anchor keywords they are using so you can obtain a link from the same source, using alternative keyword phrases.


With online directories, you can add your website into specific categories and instantly establish back links to your website, just be careful not to over-do it!

You want to develop a natural back link campaign!  Do NOT create thousands of backlinks using automated software or services, otherwise you run the risk of being penalized by the search engines.

A few directories to consider are:







Social Bookmarking

Here are the top 20 social bookmarking websites for generating fresh back links to your site. All of these contain DO follow, ensuring links leading to your website will count within the search engines as a valid back link:

1 – http://slashdot.org (PR9)

2 – http://digg.com (PR8)

3 – http://technorati.com (PR8)

4- http://www.furl.net (PR7)

5 – http://www.backflip.com (PR7)

6 – http://www.hugg.com (PR7)

7 – http://www.mixx.com (PR7)

8 – http://ma.gnolia.com (PR7)

9 – http://www.connotea.org (PR7)

10 – http://mystuff.ask.com (PR7)

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