Did You Know? Viewing Online Videos is Preferred Over Reading Text

Did You Know? Viewing Online Videos is Preferred Over Reading Text

November 7, 2011

Studies have shown that more and more consumers prefer to watch online videos to reading text.  That translates to: your prospects and customers would rather watch online videos to reading the details on your website.

Can you believe that?

I can…

Online video marketing has exponentially changed the way your customers buy — and how we sell our products or services. The most powerful social media tool out there, video marketing, is speedy and gives your customers and prospects instant gratification.

Observe someone as they scan the internet. Their eyes and energy are directed to the most visually stimulating options on your landing page. Landing pages that have videos are proven to convert better than those that don’t.

Therefore, any business today that is serious about claiming their stake in online real estate should be using online videos to some degree if they are serious about reaching their target audience.

Just how hard is it to get online videos for your business?

Sure, it looks easy and simple enough… The truth is that video marketing can be somewhat complex and requires a little research before slapping up any ole video.

If you are visually demonstrating your product, online video advertising can increase brand recognition and drive traffic to your online and offline business premises.

Immediate gratification is something you can give prospective customers and returning customers by embedding short clips right into your website.

The videos you create can be instructional, commercial, historical or humorous – whatever fits your business needs.  And you don’t have to stop at one type of video – do several of them. In fact, the more videos you have spread around the web, the better.

One thing is for certain; as a business owner, your goal is to accommodate the high video demand by creating online videos for your target audience.

Otherwise, you may never experience the joy of auto-pilot, 24/7, hands-off sales.

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