Considering Video Marketing? Discover The Elements of a Great Online Video

Considering Video Marketing? Discover The Elements of a Great Online Video

June 25, 2013

Video Marketing

So you’ve finally built up the courage to do Video Marketing for your business.  Good for you! Now hold on….before you go off to record that video there are some essential elements you should know to video creation.

First, the purpose of your video is to encourage prospects and customers to visit your business. Therefore, your video has to be top quality because viewers will associate the quality of your video with the quality of your services – although they do not have a direct impact on each other.

Here are a few things to pay special attention to:

  • Lighting/Background – Choose a natural light, depending on the topic of your production, to ensure the video comes out clearly visible to your viewers. Make sure your background is clutter free from viewer distraction.
  • Audio – Use quality microphones and make sure you speak clearly and loud enough (not too loud). Come up with a nice balance and stick with it throughout your videos.
  • Good Content – Be sure to rehearse your video prior to shooting to avoid creating a bad video and eliminate the need for multiple retakes.  Make sure it has a great intro, organized body and a call to action at the end.  Most importantly be confident and smile in your video unless your video needs a different tone based your product or niche.
  • Length – Make sure the length makes sense with whatever you are filming. In general, online videos should be kept short in order to keep your viewers’ attention…usually best if kept between 3 to 5 mins.  If a video requires more time, create a second video to continue the series.

That’s it!  If you follow these 4 simple element to creating your video, you’ll have a great video to present to your prospects and customers.

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