Are You Telling Your Website Visitors What To Do? (Direct Response Website)

Are You Telling Your Website Visitors What To Do? (Direct Response Website)

June 18, 2013

Direct Response Website

Have you ever visited a website and finding the company’s phone number seemed like an impossible feat? Was their phone number in small, tiny font at the bottom of the website? Was it listed on just one particular page of the website (not the home page)? Or even worse, was it not listed at all?

You probably agree that this is very frustrating for website visitors who are looking to make contact with a business. Therefore, make it easy and simple for your website visitors to reach out to you to inquire about your products and services.


First thing first, what do you want your visitor to do when they land on your website? Do you want them to call you for your services? Should they fill out an email inquiry form? Tell them this! You need a call to action on your website that is located in multiple highly visible sections and pages; especially the home page.

Most experts will tell you that your call to action (whatever it may be) should be “above the fold.” Above the fold means the top section of the screen before someone has to scroll down the page to continue reading. You want it to be as clear as day, which makes it easy for your audience to do business with you.

Email opt-ins are a must have for every business website. Most people today are very comfortable connecting with businesses via email, so having an email opt-in form will allow you to build a list of valuable prospects and customers.

Once you have your customers’ email addresses, you now have an instant communication channels to keep them in the loop with your business. You can send them emails with free, valuable information related to your industry as well as occasional promotional offers.

Remember an email opt-in list is not spam mail; these are potentially loyal customers who are willingly giving you permission to contact them about your business.  Not having an email opt-in list on your website is like turning away customers who may want to do business with you. Just as no business should be without a website, no business website should be without an email opt-in form.