Six Ways To Get Fans for Your Facebook Page

Six Ways To Get Fans for Your Facebook Page

May 11, 2011

For newly-established Facebook fan pages, the main focus is attracting new followers and getting the news out of a products or services. Facebook marketing experts are aware of the secret tricks for getting Facebook fans, and knowing these trade secrets can help a follower base to inflate rapidly into no time at all.

Facebook fan pages tend to be absolutely nothing with no fans, and attracting fans to some brand new fan page needs to be done quickly to be able to spread the buzz in terms of a product or service on the world’s largest online social network. Anyone that has ever developed a Facebook fan page understands that attracting new fans goes beyond just inviting people you currently know if you soon reach an established limit. Perhaps friends of friends will spread the news, but that only goes so far. Real Facebook fan page success occurs when you reach thousands and apply it quickly. But in what way is it done? The secret lies in several trade secrets of one particular successful Facebook fan pages:

Become Recognized with Keywords: New changes in Facebook fan pages allow you to increase your online exposure with the aid of keywords. By adding to your fan page specific words or phrases related to your business, using them in your URL and including them in your public postings and status updates, you can boost the probability of your Facebook fan page coming up as a search result on Google. The beauty of keyword phrases is that you are more inclined to find people who share your passions and interests for a particular field, or attract shoppers looking for the actual product you sell. Once they find yourself on Facebook and click on “Like” you have got a new fan and also a potential new customer.

Reach Out with SEO: Search engine optimization, or SEO, is actually a proven technique for increasing exposure of a website or brand name. SEO are operating in conjunction with major search engine listings and takes advantage of search engine “crawling” that seeks out optimal search results in articles and blogs, and can also often be used to attract Facebook fans, too. By creating timely and relevant articles or blog postings with popular search phrases contained in the title and through the entire text, you increase the odds of Google targeting your website or article within browse results. Simply link readers returning to your Facebook page having a “Follow Me on Facebook” button and also the chances are in your favor that they need to click “Like” and become a long-term fan. With SEO, it is essential to build your articles engaging and informative; packing your text with keywords and phrases may initially capture search engine attention, but supplying well-written and attractive articles or blogs will likely make readers find out more details on you and your products or services. For writing help, visit one of the many online freelance writer forums and find someone to create affordable and effective articles for you personally.

Make best use of Photos: Using photos to advertise your page and reach out to prospective Facebook fans is relatively cheap and highly effective. One means of using photos to get Facebook fans is usually to have a photo relevant to your fan page or business and tag the buddies of your respective current fans. Considering that the majority of people on Facebook have nearly 150 friends, you can quickly reach plenty of people in no point in time in anyway. Those friends of your fans will receive a message that they have been tagged in a photo. In nearly every case, they will be curious to find out the picture and be led instantly to your fan page. It’s simple, but it really works!

Photos can also be used as a promotion gimmick that has shown great results. Ask your Facebook fans to have photos of themselves using and enjoying your products and present a deduction or special prize or promotion for people who post them on your Wall. Go ahead and tag their friends in the photos to ask them over to your fan page and see what the results are!

Connect with Successful Sites: Find a website that attracts the types of fans you want for your fan page. Contact the page administrator and provide a mutually beneficial link agreement, where you promote their site on your website or fan page, and they will do the same for you. You can likewise post links on fan pages comparable to yours to spread the word to like-minded Facebookers, which is simple and easy to perform.

Spend Five Bucks: Networking sites like offer fan page builders unique chances to connect with a large number of potential future fans for only a few dollars. On, Facebook users with hundreds and sometimes countless friends offer to ask a bunch of their friends to discover your fan page also it costs only you $5. It’s a fast and simple technique to spread the word about your new fan page at lightning speed!

Make Them Click “Like”: If a few of your fan page material is protected and accessible only to individuals who click the “Like” button, it is an excellent way to generate some excitement and encourage people to become fans. An efficient way to do this is with coupons, giveaways and special promotions advertised on a customized landing page for first-time individuals to your page. If you can create enough interest and intrigue, you are guaranteed to collect new fans who definitely are excited to learn more about what you have to offer.

Making a Facebook fan base in the short time is not an impossible dream. Even for those who have limited budgets and few marketing secrets, that it is fairly easy to spread the news regarding a new Facebook fan page without having to be some type of computer expert or knowing thousands of people. Facebook fan pages grow in popularity when you are conscious of the tricks of the trade. Regardless of how you select to get in touch with prospective fans, guarantee that the Facebook fan page that you are endorsing is stuffed with entertaining features intended to make people glad they found you. Post regularly, keep information current and timely and you will maintain your new fans eager for more.

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